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Contemplating about Death...

We have seen a lot of deaths in the past few days. What with all the tragedies and disasters that plagued different countries in the world (the flood and landslide in Surigao and Southern Leyte respectively (Philippines), the chemical explosion in China, the bomb blasts in Israel and Iraq, the attempt to assassinate Pakistan's Pres. Musharaff, the earthquake in Iran). The fact that all these things happened almost at the same time really scared the hell out of me. It really made me think and ask, "Is the world coming to an end?". And, believe me, the thought gave me the creeps and shivers. But, despite all these things, the hopeful me still rose to the surface. Yes, all these things happening just before the year ends gives me a light of hope- hope that all these bad things would end as the year 2003 also ends. I hope and pray that we leave all these bad things with the year that we are about to leave behind and that the new year be a better, more meaningful, more…

What is Christmas?

We don't have Christmas in Islam, but we consider Jesus Christ (pbuh) as one of our prophets. We don't celebrate the most important holiday in the Christian religion and here in the Philippines.

I decided to write about the Christmas season basically because I like the feeling that the season gives me. No, I don't celebrate it, but Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year (second to Ramadhan and my birthday... Hehehe), especially here in the Philippines. I like it when it's Christmas because everyone's just so happy and so giving. My Christian brothers and sisters are just so happy and merry that they almost always forget their problems and issues during this time. Enemies become friends (again) in Christmas. And, most especially, families are together and try to forget their differences and reconcile... yes, all because of Christmas.

Another thing is that the Christmas season always brings out the "good" in every one of my Christian brothers…


I like some quizzes in the Internet...

Here are my result and the link to my favorite quiz:

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Another poetic attempt...

The World To One Dying

As these eyes travel here, there and all around,
Nothing of any interest to me do I find, none at all.
A world full of emptiness and blankness I see.

Calmly going to and fro, my heart barely feeling,
And my soul blindly searching, I trip and fall,
Like a leaf slow-ly fall-ing, I fight to see.
My blessed world, dear God, at last I find and see.
Alas, what great waste, I had to die if only to see!

My Best Friend's Wedding...

My bestfriend's wedding... I am on stage reading poetry. Her favorite piece 'If Love'! Yes, that is totally perfect for her wedding. I give my best performance. After all, this is a once in a lifetime event! Then, I am reading one of her own poems. God, she is a wonderful writer. What a way with words! I'm crying... crying tears of joy for my best friend.

Oh, I couldn't be happier for my best friend. She's end up with the person she loves most and who loves her so much in return. She's sure to be happy with this man, who's a good friend of mine as well. Their smiles show so much joy, peace and love. It takes me a few minutes before I could go on with my reading... I couldn't stop staring at them. Their happiness oozing out and infecting every single person in close proximity with them. They're a really beautiful couple. My best friend, in her beautiful, snowy white gown, and her groom in his antique white tuxedo... As they march down t…

Of Life and God...

It feels great to be alive… to be just breathing and taking in everything around me or everything that life presents me with. I have been in this world twenty-three long years and I’d say that I had a pretty good life. True, I may have had encountered sad and bad experiences. But, all in all, yes, I have had a wonderful life, thank God!

Life is full of mysteries and as Milan Kundera so aptly put it, life is lived but once and we cannot experiment on choices like the way we could in science projects in order to see the best result. In life, once we have made our choice, then that’s it, there’s no turning back. How do we know that “not going for that foreign scholarship” or “selling that ring that belonged to our great-great-great grandmother” would actually result in the achievement of all our dreams or result in having bad luck follow us all our lives? That is one great mystery of life. Well, when you actually sit down and think about it, if we knew what lay before us, life would…

The Alchemist in Me: A Journey Within

One broken dream is not the end of dreaming.

This very meaningful sentence I, so long ago, learned from my mother, has always been my motto and, I say, has brought me far and wide. It's never failed to bring out my best qualities and strengthen my determination so as to make me strive for the achievement of whatever it is that I dream of. Despite any obstacle, I would always hold fast to my dream – my Personal Legend.

A book, so beautifully written, has fueled back to life that fire in my heart; a book that talks about the nature of life, nature of the world, and, of course, of man and his dream or quest in life. The book, that turned my life around and is one of my most favorite books of all time, was written by a Brazilian writer, Paulo Coelho. It is very aptly entitled “The Alchemist” for it truly brings out the alchemist in every reader.

At a time of utter confusion about what to do with my life, I stumbled upon the book. A very good friend of mine was telling me how good …

Writer's block...

I am here... just staring at the monitor, my brain so full of ideas and many other things.

I begin to feel something indescribable. My brain... oh, my brain has just burst into a million bits! And, now, one by one, these bits from my poor brain struggle, crawl and move towards one another trying to find their place, where they could be accepted. Then, finally, they turn into one single body.

And, suddenly, I'm back just staring at the monitor not exactly knowing what to say or what to write.

I really have a problem with starting to write. It has always been my issue. I have millions and millions of ideas and thoughts, but as soon as I sit down and start to write... poof! Everything is gone before I even realize what's happening. And then, I go back at wondering, thinking. Why? I always ask myself. Why do words escape me when I need them most? Is it because I am poor at expressing myself? Is it because I am scared, too damned scared of my thoughts? Maybe it's a co…

An attempt at poetry...

Life As It Is

Great as life may be so, ‘tis but truE
As the beauteous sun shines a glittery geM,
Truly, strife abounds as with the sun’s beaM
Also comes the burning heat of all SaharA.

No man, methinks, walks the road of life, oH,
Grand it is, indeed, with bluish grief, sO
Aptly put, amiss or misery’s blow to meN
Torn away by the magic and awe of lifE.
A great many men saw greatness, blindlY.
Needing more towards happiness’ gift, but niL,
Lost were everything greatness to them gavE.
Oh, what a pity to fall on one’s brown feeT!
Love, sorrow, happiness, loss- in life- all a musT.
"Alas," hopeful me says, "What a beautiful lifE!"

This was written specially for Honey, my very good friend... a person of genuine beauty inside and out!

My very own blog... :)

Auudhubillaahi minash-shayttaanir rajiim. Bismillaahir rahmaanir rahiim.

Assalaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullaahi ta'ala wa barakatuhu.


I am really excited about this blogging thing. I actually got the idea and was inspired by my new "object of admiration," Ala Paredes. Hey, don't get me wrong here. I'm no lesbo or anything, but this girl is totally something. Her writing makes me laugh and wonder about life- my life. You see, much as she wants to project or show that life- her life isn't that special or that her life is like this or like that, the "screw you all, I have an angst-filled life" sort of thing, I can't help but feel that she actually has a close to perfect life. I mean, just look at how her family, studies and career seem to fall just in the right place at all times. Yes, it's really true that one does not really know what is happiness unless s/he feels what it is to be sad, to be hurt.

I admire this gi…